5 Pokemon Go Life Hacks (that make the world a better place)

5 Pokemon Go Life Hacks (that make the world a better place)

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“Oh, my god, I get it – save my trash Pokemon and evolve them for XP.” I hear you – we’ve all read the same “Pokemon Go Life Hacks” articles mentiong Battery Saver Mode and remind us that Poke Stops have varying cool downs. They’re really useful if you’re pretty new (hah, I mean newer than a week and a half) to the game, but for those of us that have evolved (ehhh???) from the basics, here are a few Pokemon Go life hacks that can actually make the world a better place.

5 Pokemon Go Life Hacks (That Make the World a Better Place) - Easy ways to improve the world around you, while filling your Pokedex.

5 Pokemon Go Life Hacks That Make the World A Better Place

Help Clean Up the Area

Since I know you don’t litter, I’ll spare you the lecture, but there is a ton of trash by the sides of roads and on sidewalks. Actually, there’s a lot of trash everywhere. Bringing a plastic bag (and maybe some gloves) with you while out hunting Pokemon and hatching eggs, and cleaning up any trash you see on the ground can certainly help to improve your neighborhood.

Think about how good places would look if even 1 in 10 PoGo players helped to clean the areas around Poke Stops and gyms.

Donate to Charity

This little Pokemon Go Life Hack requires way less effort than you’re thinking right now. There are a few apps that will actually help connect you to charities that donate money to walkers/runners/cyclists (I like Charity Miles). They run in the background, so you can log miles to support your favorite charity while hatching those eggs. Win, win!

Yes, it does take up a little bit of extra battery, but it’s definitely worth it. If you feel so inclined, you can check the organization in Charity Navigator, to see how they stack up ethically and financially.

Visit Historical Sites & Museums

Okay, so this PoGo trick is more for your own personal benefit, but it can help historical sites and museums receive more funding. If you don’t want to pay for entry (I can’t blame you!), many state parks, national parks and museums have “free entry days.” You can also go to your local library and grab a free pass. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, most state parks charge around $5-10 per car, and national parks are at around $25 per car, so grabbing some friends will make the trip much cheaper.

These sites are a great place to enjoy some fresh air, and learn a few things, while you get some exercise and hatch those eggs. Plus, Niantic has shown preference to educational, artsy and historical sites in approving the Ingress portals which became gyms and Poke Stops, so there will likely be a better selection of Pokemon.

Check In For Good

Check In For Good is an app that partners with businesses so that you can “check in” at participating locations (like you would in Four Square), and a donation will be made to a charity of your choosing. Most of these causes are small-scale, which is great if you want to support your local community.

Of course, not every participating store or restaurant is a Poke Stop, but they’re probably close to some! Again, this costs you nothing but a quick app switch while you’re already out and about.

Fix Up Your Neighborhood

All those potholes on your street, the municipal trash can that’s been full for days, or the debris from last night’s storm – help fix these issues by reporting them with SeeClickFix. This Pokemon Go life hack not only helps you, but your entire neighborhood. While you’re out finding Poke Stops and training at the gym, and you happen to notice something that needs some love, open up this app and make it happen! You can also check the status of

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