Notes on Low Carb Intermittent Fasting

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I’ve been trying to fast until noon lately. I wake up daily at around 5am, so this ends up being about a seven hour window without eating. This isn’t usually a problem, but there are times when hunger sets in and screws with my hormones. Yesterday, at a regional conference for work, I almost ended up having a panic attack between 10-11, which didn’t settle down until a coworker provided a protein bar.

This almost never happens, and it was embarrassing being so needy for that brief period of time, but it was a good reminder to always have a low-carb snack nearby. I know that bar was pretty sugary, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, in the past week or so, I’ve figured out the following things:

  • Intermittent fasting works better for me in a given window, rather than at set times (so, “fast for 6 hours after waking,” over “fast until noon”)
  • Always have a snack on hand in case you are in desperate need!
  • Don’t be afraid to break the fast a little early. It’s not the end of the world.
  • You might not be able to handle fasting every day – listen to your body!

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