Keto and Ayurveda: Metabolism Boosting Spices

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Hey there! If you’ve been keeping up with the Keto and Ayurveda series here, you’re now familiar with the three doshas, as well as different tastes and their impact on the doshas. If you haven’t read either of those articles (or the one on seasonal eating!), I recommend you at least skim them for general info before reading about which spice is best for your dosha. Specifically, we’re going to talk about metabolism boosting spices that you can use in keto (and regular) cooking to balance out your dosha, and keep things running smoothly. This will also help to make your food taste even more delicious, without adding calories or carbs. What’s not to love?

Once you’ve established your dosha makeup, knowing which spices work well with your body can aid in the digestive process and make mealtime more pleasant. Boosting your metabolism can (obviously) also have some positive impact on weight loss, and help your body to utilize nutrients more efficiently. These metabolism-boostinng ayurvedic spices fall into the category of “warming foods,” which increase your body’s temperature. For the most part, these spices will work to balance Vata and Kapha doshas, as Pitta already tends to have an overabundance of heat.

Because most people are not predominated by just one dosha, it can be helpful to know how various spices work with your body to find combinations that work for you! We’ll take a look at three common spices, see how they can help boost your digestion and metabolism!

Keto & Ayurveda | Metabolism Boosting Spices - increase your metabolism, help out your digetive system and add flavor to your food without adding any carbs, all with these warming spices!


I figured we’d start with a standard. Ginger is typically given to aid in digestion, and help with blood circulation. This pungent, warming spice also has a variety of anti-inflammatory properties, blood thinning effects, and one study has even suggested that ginger may aid in blood sugar control . Plus, it tastes delicious. Drinking ginger tea is a great way to sneak this spice into your diet, as is making recipes like these peanut butter gingerbread muffins.

  • Vata: balancing
  • Kapha: balancing
  • Pitta: may increase

Black Pepper

It may surprise you that black pepper appears on this list, as we tend to take this spice for granted. It’s easy to forget that this spice actually has some pretty powerful properties. After all, it’s pretty much on every table, and in little packets at every restaurant. Black pepper has demonstrated the ability to limit gas, increase digestion and even acts as an antioxidant. Black pepper also contains compounds like piperine, which boost the absorption of the active compounds in turmeric, and increase its anti-inflammatory properties. Finding a recipe utilizing black pepper isn’t hard, as this spice is at home on top of most savory dishes.

  • Vata: balancing
  • Kapha: balancing
  • Pitta: increasing


Cinnamon is my favorite spice, and also useful in the regulation of blood sugar, indigestion and even high cholesterol. Studies have demonstrated that cinnamon can not only help to reduce fasting blood sugar levels, but also triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Cinnamon also acts as a muscle relaxant, aiding in increased bloodflow and digestion. Plus, it’s delicious! I like to add cinnamon to basically any dish that I know has a bit more sugar (berries, cashew yogurt, keto cookies).

  • Vata: balancing
  • Kapha: decreasing
  • Pitta: increasing

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