Is This Keto?

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It’s a question that comes up a lot – is [insert food here] keto? Well, friend, there’s an easy answer to that. Does it keep you in ketosis? Does it fit into your macros? Then yes, it’s keto!!

Keto is complicated because it’s different for everyone. While 20g of net carbohydrates every day is kind of the standard, it isn’t necessarily what everyone follows. I’m pretty lucky and can eat far more than 20 grams, but I have worked with people who can’t even tolerate that.

But here’s the thing: everyone is different, and the only way to find out for yourself if you can tolerate a certain level of carbohydrates is by testing it out! Some foods that I eat regularly (cashews, peanuts, pistachios…sometimes I eat skyr!), aren’t typically found on keto meal plans, but they work for me. It all comes down to managing your carb intake.

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