What Is For Eat’s Sake?

Affiliate Note: Hi, friends! Just a a quick reminder - some of the links on this site are affiliate links, and so I may earn a little cash on qualifying orders. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and is a nice way to help support this site! I also want to point out that I don't promote products I haven't actually tried or products that I don't trust. :)

For Eat’s Sake is the first blog I started when I was in nutrition school. My adviser wisely recommended that establish some sort of web presence so that when I started practicing, I had a place to send clients for reference materials.

I started out by posting my nutrition class assignments, as well as random thoughts and some recipes and things grew from there. As time went on, I changed the way I was eating (for a while, I was trying to do a hybrid plant-based AIP diet, which was just far too restrictive), and so the direction of the site needed to change as well.

It has since morphed into a site of allergy-friendly (read: allergen-free) recipes, some of which are low-FODMAP and AIP-compliant, all of which are vegan and gluten-free.

You’ll notice everything is pretty pared-down right now. I’ve taken most of the posts and recipes offline so I can bring them up to my current standards. Most old recipes have no pictures, and no remotely helpful instructions. That’s all about to change!