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Low Carb Vegan Chevre-Style Soft “Cheez” (dairy-free, nut-free, low-FODMAP, paleo)

Low Carb Vegan Chevre-Style Soft “Cheez” (dairy-free, nut-free, low-FODMAP, paleo)

Since I’ve been posting a lot of “basics” lately (like homemade hemp tofu and homemade coconut milk), I thought I’d continue that theme with this low carb vegan soft “cheez.” It’s super simple, easily customize-able to different dietary needs, and is the perfect tangy, rich 

Episode 31: Should You Eat Dairy on Keto?

Today, Stevie and I explore the topic of dairy, and the all important question, should you eat dairy on a ketogenic diet? Notes and links are listed below! If you’ve got any questions you’d like us to answer in a future podcast, leave a comment, 

Keto and Ayurveda: Metabolism Boosting Spices

Hey there! If you’ve been keeping up with the Keto and Ayurveda series here, you’re now familiar with the three doshas, as well as different tastes and their impact on the doshas. If you haven’t read either of those articles (or the one on seasonal eating!), I recommend you at least skim them for general info before reading about which spice is best for your dosha. Specifically, we’re going to talk about metabolism boosting spices that you can use in keto (and regular) cooking to balance out your dosha, and keep things running smoothly. This will also help to make your food taste even more delicious, without adding calories or carbs. What’s not to love? Continue reading Keto and Ayurveda: Metabolism Boosting Spices

The Complete Guide to Healthy Vegan Fats and Oils

It can be challenging to figure out which vegan fats and oils to use in your cooking, especially with such a variety available on the market. This simple guide can help to de-mystify that process, so you can choose the best vegan fats and oils to 

Can I Eat That on Keto?

Hands down, one of the questions I receive the most is “Can I eat [insert food here] on keto?” This is a totally understandable question for a few reasons: Keto is often presented as a strict, rigid diet with a lot of rules, and even 

Ep. 29: Self Care With Leanne of The Keto Diet Podcast

Hey guys, today we have something so exciting – an interview with Leanne of HealthfulPursuit.com, and The Keto Diet Podcast! We talk about pretty much everything from self care to emotional eating and cravings, so it definitely touches on some important topics. We had an amazing time recording this, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well! Links to everything mentioned below!

If you aren’t already obsessed with Leanne, you definitely will be after this interview! Her honestly, enthusiasm, positivity and passion for health and nutrition totally brightened my day, and I hope it brightens yours, too. 🙂

Continue reading Ep. 29: Self Care With Leanne of The Keto Diet Podcast

Keto Christmas Dessert Roundup

Keto Christmas Dessert Roundup

    Hey there! Do you love holiday baking? Of course you do! I also love baking around the holidays, though I’m less crazy about the risk of consuming tons of sugar. So, I’ve created some recipes over the years to combat this dilemma! 

Will Vegan Keto Help High Triglycerides?

This week, I got a great question from a reader asking about the relationship between vegan or vegetarian ketogenic diets and high triglycerides. More specifically, they wanted to know if a ketogenic diet would be appropriate for someone with high triglycerides. In order to explore this 

Healthy Gamer Snack Review: Julian Bakery Pegan Bars

Healthy Gamer Snack Review: Julian Bakery Pegan Bars

First, you may be wondering just what in the heck “pegan” means. In a nutshell, it’s paleo + vegan. So, a pegan protein bar will be egg free, dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free, peanut free, grain free, gluten free…you get the idea. With all of these qualifiers, you might be wondering how they taste… I definitely was, too! Continue reading Healthy Gamer Snack Review: Julian Bakery Pegan Bars

Ayurveda and Keto: The Basics of Seasonal Eating

This is the third part in a series discussing Ayurveda and keto. Part one explores the basic mind/body types, and part 2 discusses the six flavors of foods. I’m so excited to be writing these articles about how Ayurveda can work within the parameters of ketogenic