Having a Keto Friendly Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a bit of a strange time here in the states – we’re commemorating a somewhat dicey event already (I’ve always wondered how this is viewed outside of New England…), saying how thankful we are for everything we have, gorging ourselves and drinking through family fights, and then trampling our fellow man at 4 in the morning to buy half priced TVs. It’s a spectacle that would really seem more at home on a Japanese game show. And none of the pageantry and stress takes into account those of us who are eating in a way counter to the rest of our families. What do you do if you want to have a keto friendly Thanksgiving, and not be judged? Read on!

Bring something keto friendly

Okay, yeah, this seems obvious….but, what better way to guarantee you’ll have something to eat than by bringing your own dish? I’m bringing a cheese platter and mixed nuts to my family’s house – it’s keto friendly, but still appropriate for a gathering. I’m also bringing a keto friendly Thanksgiving dessert for myself. And lastly, in case I really struggle to find something to eat, I’m leaving some homemade pumpkin pie protein bars in the car – keto friendly AND Thanksgiving themed!


Have a keto FAQ ready to go

So, once you do let your family know that you’re going to be eating a little differently from the rest of them…there will be questions. Loads of questions. I’d recommend reading over a Keto FAQ (Reddit has an awesome one) so you can take care of the commonly asked questions. And there’s no need to be defensive. If your aunt gets a little snide, just remember that you’re essentially presenting something that goes against what everyone learned about nutrition. It might take them some time to come around! Be calm, and talk about the benefits you’ve noticed already. They’ll come around and be supportive. Or not, and you get the whole keto cheesecake to yourself.

Don’t be preachy

Do you remember when your roommate went vegan and started telling everyone how awful they were being, and then your friends started complaining about how awful vegetarians are and you thought, “I haven’t eaten meat in 10 years… I just don’t guilt people about it.” No? Was that just me? K, anyway…

The point is, no one likes to be preached at. I find with keto, it’s way better to just demonstrate the positives, than guilt people over their own choices. Explain things in a way that’s relative to you – “I find my digestion is far more normalized when avoiding starches and sugars,” or “my joints feel so much better on a high fat diet.”


It’s just one day!

When all is said and done, it’s only one day – you’ll survive. If you end up eating some sweet potatoes and a piece of pumpkin pie – you’ll be okay. There’s always tomorrow. Keep in mind the progress you want to make, and weigh it against the choices – is slowing this down worth eating that cheesecake? Yes? Well, go for it. Your way of eating is about what works for you. 🙂


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