Day 1: Vegetarian Low Carb Meal Plan

Day 1: Vegetarian Low Carb One | Meat Free Keto

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Like I mentioned in the newsletter for August, I will be starting to post one day low carb/keto meal plans for special diets (vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, etc.). Why one day at a time? Well, because I really dislike having my whole week decided for me, and prefer to mix and match. I figure this way, you can do the same!

These meal plans will be less than 30g – instead of the “normal-for-keto” 20g – of net carbohydrates because I think veggies are really important and don’t want to skimp on those! So, day one of a future series of low carb vegetarian ketogenic meal plan!

Day 1: Vegetarian Low Carb One | Meat Free Keto

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