Can you drink kombucha on a vegan keto diet?

Can you drink kombucha on a vegan keto diet?

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Hi, friends! Long time no podcast, eh? Well, I’m back from my cookbook-induced hiatus, and am excited to start recording podcasts again! I’ve decided to get back into the swing of things slowly with a shorter podcast as part of a new “Friday FAQ” series, which will aim to answer one question a week from all the ones you guys send me on Instagram and via email.

This week’s question involves kombucha, that drink that you either love or hate. I happen to love it, and I know a bunch of you do as well, because I frequently am asked about whether or not kombucha is keto-friendly. So here we are with a quick podcast to answer that question!

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A few things to note – there are some commercial brands of kombucha that are much lower in sugar than others (some as low as 3-4g per serving), but they’re not widely available and I actually haven’t been able to find them near me, so I tend to just err on the side of what’s most accessible to people and list the lowest amount I’ve found in the brands that are available all over.

The most common brand I’ve seen here in the US is GT’s kombucha, and the varieties of GT’s that are lowest in sugar are the Original, Trilogy and Gingerade.

Also, I mentioned making jerky out of kombucha SCOBYs, and if you want to know any more about that… this is a great article:

As I mentioned in the podcast, there are studies confirming the benefits of drinking kombucha, and those are here!

Studies on the health benefits of kombucha:

Kombucha and liver health:

Kombucha and the reduction of oxidative stress:

Kombucha and diaebetics:

Tea and cardiovascular disease:

Kombucha and reduced risk of diabetes:

Kombucha and carbohydrate metabolism:

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